Tempe Metal Roofing

Tempe Metal Roofing

Have you ever considered metal roofing in Tempe? 
This type of roofing has many benefits which make it perfect for many roofing projects:

  • Energy efficiency – Metal is a highly reflective material, the sun’s rays are reflected from the roof rather than being absorbed into your building. This, in turn, raises your cooling costs.  Most metal roofs meet the efficiency requirements for Energy Star ratings.
  • Low maintenance – With only occasional inspections, gutter cleaning and other light maintenance. These metal roofs are sturdy and durable.
  • Lightweight – Structural costs can be saved as metal roofs are lightweight and are easier, and cheaper to transport.
  • Fire and Wind Resistant.  Despite the lightweight, metal roofs are designed to resist high winds and are resistant to fire.
  • Sustainable.  Metal roofs are made of at least 30% recycled materials, has a long life and is 100% recyclable.
  • Beauty.  Metal roofs can be pleasing to the eye.  Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes.  Many modern designs have the look of tile, slate or shingles.

Tempe Roofing is the number one choice for metal roofing contractors in Tempe. Our professional roofers have years of experience in fitting all kinds of metal roofs. From plain colors to roofs of copper or zinc, we have the best expertise to make your home or residential building into something unique.

How much does a metal roof cost?

Until our professionals can examine your current roof, or know the full size of your roof area. It is not possible to give an accurate figure. We can give the price of metal roofing per sheet, yet this only provides an estimate, if you know how many sheets you require.

As the number one metal roof installation contractors, we prefer to eliminate all the guesswork and deal with actual numbers. One thing we do know, no matter where you live in Tempe, you can have a metal roof in the design of your choice, and it will be much cheaper than you might think.

We provide affordable metal roofing installations, yet as part of our number one customer service, we never sacrifice quality. For many years we have installed and repaired many metal roofs to many homes and businesses based in Tempe and the surrounding areas.

Our Service

From the moment you contact us, we work closely with you and make sure you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having a metal roof installed on your property. If you have a new build, you might find you can change your design to something more in line with what you had in vision.

Our metal roof installations are lightweight and require less structural supports. Being highly durable, our metal roofing systems are designed to fight the harsh weather conditions they may encounter. Wind rated to over one hundred miles per hour. You will be safe that your roof is going to remain intact for many years to come.

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